The "secret" to caring for the client is caring "about" the client


A Legal Counsel Trusted by Business Professionals

Anita Redline

"I've built my business around the belief that today's businesses have a need for expert and effective legal counsel on their own terms and at their own convenience. There is a depth of intelligence in clients that deserves respect - and a desire to collaborate that breaks the barrier of past legal traditions. My consistent work with business professionals in their own work environment allows me to see their business within their own world. I've been able to leverage that to extraordinary advantage for them."

Anita Redline has a down to earth, practical approach to legal concerns that helps clients understand their situation and their legal options. Her straight forward manner and in-depth understanding of the law demystifies the situation and clarifies underlying and related elements so that business professionals are empowered to make sound, well thought-out decisions.